Required reading for worldwide industrial and academic researchers, students, independent inventors, and everyone who manages technology development, Patent Strategy For Researchers and Research Managers will help you bridge the gap between the legal system and scientific research.

Patent Strategy aims to guide your thinking about intellectual property and help you develop strategies to maximize its value. It will introduce you to the practical steps required to develop and maintain good patent applications and patents, from early concept planning through the product life-cycle.

Patent Strategy will introduce you to the concept of strategic patent portfolios. It aims to guide and advise you in plain English on the legal complexities you’re likely to encounter while developing new technology and preparing patent applications. Further, Patent Strategy will explain the inventor's responsibilities after patent application and will explore the savvy inventor's role in maintaining a global patent portfolio.

The Third Edition includes the major features and new strategic considerations brought about by the passage of the United States of America Invents Act. This significant patent law change replaces the “first-to-invent” US patent system with one that grants the patent to the “first-inventor-to-file” for the claimed invention in the patent office. This and other considerations of the Act, such as the new post-grant review, will have a major effect on the acquisition of patents in the United States. This new edition also expands and updates the foundation of patent information that global inventors have found so valuable in earlier editions.

In the 21st century, intellectual property has taken center stage around the world as countries realize the value of consistent and enforceable patents. Until now, little training was available about strategic patenting concepts for students and independent, industrial, and academic researchers. Patent Strategy fills that role, providing you with information and valuable guidance you need to succeed in our competitive world.

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